Pre-Sales Questions

Q: What payment types do you support?
A: supports manual payments (direct bank deposit, as well as EFT) –  Additionally we also support payments through PayFast, a trusted 3rd party payment gateway. Payfast accept Master & Visa Credit Cards as well as Bitcoin, uKash, MiMoney and have facilities to process instant EFT transactions from all major South African banks.

Q: I want to buy a domain name, but don’t want any 3rd party applications installed, just access to the email addresses, what will people see if they type my website name into their browsers.
A: Domains are added to our servers automatically. A website entry is also created at that time which allows people to direct their web browsers to your domain name to see that it has been registered. A page is displayed informing them that the domain is already registered by yourself. If you would like to make changes to this page, you will require hosting to be added to your account and will then be able to upload an alternative webpage.

Q: When I buy a domain name, do I own it forever?
A: Domains are effectively “leased” to you on a year-to-year period. You will have 1st option of renewing it before the anniversary of your domains registration date.

Q: I am about to register a domain with you, when does it become mine?
A: The process of registering your domain is done automatically, you will complete the signup process and your domain will be registered at the end of this process once the checkout process has been finalised.
Due to the nature of domains being intangible goods which are uniquely configured for your own use, we must secure a payment before a domain can be registered. This is done through the payment gateway as part of the sign-up process by means of Credit Card or EFT transactions.
There is a period of around 3-4 hours during which your domain might not be visible to you (may be up to 48 hours in some cases), This period is called the domain propagation period. This is the time taken to send the notification of your domains existence around the world. Your domain or email addresses may not function correctly during this time-frame, but once it has passed, everything will be fully operational.

Q: I’m a total beginner when it comes to computers and the internet, how much would I need to know to get this working?
A: We have tried to make the domain registration process as simple as possible, but you will still need to have some basic knowledge in order to be able to help yourself make some minor configuration adjustments. We assume every user knows how to add an email account to their email client application (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc) – We also assume that you are familiar with basic Windows functions, such as “double-clicking”, “dragging and dropping” etc. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, we recommend asking a friend to help you.

Q: I’m about to sign up with and need a simple website up at my address, can you do this for me?
A: Yes, see our page on Website Development & Design – Or perhaps make contact

3rd Party Applications:

Q: I have no clue how to use any of the 3rd party software that I have selected to have installed. Help?!
A: We believe all the available 3rd party applications that can be installed on your behalf are exceptionally user-friendly. Most of the application vendors have websites dedicated to providing support, and have ample documentation and resources available for you to get the best out of your desired package; as a result, we do not provide any direct training or support on these packages.

Q: I require something different to the default installation of one of the 3rd party applications. What can be done about changing aspects of the installation?
A: Most of these 3rd party applications have an administration panel that allows you to log in and make subtle changes to how your installation is configured. You are able to make these changes yourself with minimal difficulty. Any additional customizations in terms of the programmatic code or the design / layout or styling of these packages falls outside of the scope of “installation and configuration” and ad hoc fees will be incurred. Please inquire with us for a quote if you would like this done.

Q: I see that I can add a number of installed applications to my domain name, why are these software packages so cost effective, where is the catch?
A: There is no catch. These software packages are open-source and as a result, their license specifies that you may not be charged for the development of the software; the only fees included for these software packages are for the setup and configuration of the software.

General Enquiries:

Q: Where can I find your Privacy Policy?
A: Here ya go: