What is a domain name?

A domain name is the link which you tell someone so they can arrive at your website. eg. google.com is the domain name to arrive at Google’s website… read more about domain names.

How can Your.co.za help you?

Your.co.za has made registering your own domain very easy with our step by step process. You are now able to register your own .co.za domain in a matter of minutes. Simply follow the step by step instructions on the sign up screen, fill in your details and you’re nearly there!

Why my own domain?

You may be asking, “Why would I want my own domain?” – And the answer is quite simple really. You will have the ability to uniquely identify yourself to the world! Having a domain name will also allow you to use email addresses with : yourname@yourdomain.co.za *

What is it going to cost me?

Very little actually! Expressed in Rand is as little under R15 per month.
That is to say, for R175 per year, you can have your very own domain name.

I need more than just a domain!

Ok, so you want to take the plunge and have something for people to look at when they browse to your domain name ?
Technology has made having your own website simple and quite affordable. We provide Web Design & Development which will help you put a website at your domain name and communicate your goals with your target audience.

Help? I am still lost!

Not to worry, we know I.T. jargon can be a little hard to understand. This is why we have created a Frequently Asked Questions page, that deals with common queries and concerns, as well as a Contact Us page, which puts you in contact with us directly. What are you waiting for?

* Requires Applicable Hosting Account