Support Scope

We are only able to attend to support requests that have been logged through the Client Area support ticketing system –  this means that we cannot take action on the advise of 3rd parties, our presales contact form, phone calls, email, SMS, WhatsApp, smoke-signal or carrier-pigeon – We simply cannot authenticate you as the correct account holder outside of the ticketing system and thus this is the only valid mechanism to receive support.

The service provision of email and or hosting extends to the proper functioning of the service under normal situations.
Service response times are typically within 4 business hours during office hours (GMT +02:00) – please note this is not an SLA, but rather an estimate of typical response times.

Whats Covered

  • Keeping your website and email up and running, 24/7. We’ll do our best to keep you up and running for as long as possible, of course from time to time, there will be technical issues affecting service, but rest assured that we will be working on getting back online as soon as possible.
  • File transfer onto the web-server.
  • Name server updates and DNS changes.
  • Support relating to the underlying technologies that keep a website and email service running and secured with recent patches.
  • The restoration of a manual backup file. * see “How Backups Work” below.
  • Webmail Lockout – We’ll happily super-size (by adding a little more space than your hosting package allows) your hosting account once if there is ever a situation where your mailbox is so full the system has trouble  writing the log files that facilitate logging you in.
  • Hosting area password resets.
  • Email address creation (on supporting services).

The above assumes normal operating situations and does not necessarily include support for atypical configurations.

Whats Not Covered

  • Website changes, including content updates / additions / malware removal etc.
  • Support for any 3rd party software & devices. Kindly note, we are unable to support your email program (Outlook, etc) or your phone, or related hardware (iPhone, etc) – Our mail support extends only to being able to send and receive through our webmail interface, issues affecting your local network or software can be raised with the relevant ISP or provider.
  • Pruning your website / email content – We cannot remove files on the server on your behalf, or clear out old email to allow new mail to arrive. This is not a support issue, and relates to you doing regular house-keeping of your various storage areas.
  • We run automatic backups on every web service we administer, however the retrieval and restoration of an automatic backup is labour intensive, and is not covered by free support. Please ensure you have a full manual backup to be covered by free restoration. (see below)
  • Removal from email black-lists.

How Backups Work

When making changes to your website it is strongly advised that you make a full manual backup prior to making modifications to your stored information. “Modifications” includes website updates / content changes, and the removal of older emails etc.

While we do ensure at least one automatic weekly backup of your data, the retrieval from cold-storage, and subsequent restoration of an automatic backup is a labour-intensive process and carries a significant service fee. If an automatic backup restore is ever required, please make contact urgently as soon as you have noticed a problem, as we do not retain automatic backups indefinitely. 

Manual backups can be run from inside cPanel, by clicking the Backup icon and selecting a full backup. You will need sufficient storage space for the backup to accommodate the resulting backup file.