Legacy Hosting Plans Retired

When Your.co.za opened its doors in 2006, the internet was a very different place. The iPhone had not been released, people were still using Yahoo (and some still are) and the size of the average email was much smaller.

A lot has changed since then, and in 2014 the decision was taken to retire the Free email service (Your Mail Only) which we had been providing since our opening. In order to remain loyal to and supportive of our client-base, we continued to provide access to that service for users who had registered their domains prior to the hosting plan’s retirement.

How things are changing

Unfortunately the time has come for us to reassess our provision of these legacy hosting accounts.

We will be retiring the following accounts permanently in a phased-out approach, with the conclusion from now or within one calendar year from today (27/06/2020).

The following account types will be affected:

  • Mail-Only (A free mail service that offered two free email addresses @ 15 mb each)
  • Email-Ten (A paid mail service that offered up to ten email accounts @ 15 mb each)
  • Lite (A paid web-hosting service that allowed the hosting of micro sized websites)

How it will work

If you have already renewed one of the above-mentioned services during this year, you will be entitled to continue using it until your next renewal date. If you are yet to process a renewal with the current year, you will be required to process an upgrade to one of our current hosting plans at the time of your account’s renewal.

The Your “One” account is recommended as it provides 1000 mb of storage and can facilitate 10 email addresses.

By default, accounts that are currently using email addresses will have their renewal amount will set at the Your “One” price-point. We will however need to still process your account’s migration once the time comes, so please be sure to create a support ticket if you do not see the benefits of the upgraded account within your cPanel.

You may also elect to downgrade to a FREE Domain-Only service which does not provide email.
Kindly note that a downgrade to the Domain-Only service would forfeit your existing email accounts, forwarders and DNS Records.

Should you wish to upgrade to a different account, please contact the support department by creating a support ticket from within the Client Area.
Our support staff are happy to assist you in with your package’s change-over.