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Gaining Support

All support related queries are handled once an existing client has logged into the Client Area and made use of the internal support ticketing system.

Typical support response times average out at 4 hours (during typical office hours GMT+02:00), with slower response times on public holidays / after hours.

If you are having difficulty in accessing your Client Area, you are able to reset your password, provided you know your email address and are able to answer your security question.

As an existing client, if you are still unable to gain access to your account after attempting a password reset, you are welcome to use this contact form (shown left) to request a password reset.

Please note that we are unable to make ANY account changes for users who have not verified their identity by logging into the Client Area.

Ensuring you have logged in and authenticated yourself serves to protect your account as well as helps us to consolidate support to a single location.

What Does Support Cover ?’s FREE Support Covers:

  • Email
    Problems relating to the ability to send email from webmail,
    The supporting of 3rd Party Applications (e.g. Outlook) falls outside of free support.
  • File Transfer onto the web-server
    Ability to upload files onto the server (FTP/Web)
  • Name Server Updates
    Need to change the name-servers of a domain of yours, no problem, we can do this on your behalf for domains we provide.
  • Account Restorations
    Full/Partial account restorations with a full account backup (As backed up by you).
  • Email / Webmail Lockout
    We’ll happily super-size (105%) your hosting account once if there is ever a situation where your mailbox is so full the system has trouble logging you in.
* The above assumes normal operating situations and does not include support for atypical configurations.’s PAID Support Covers:

  • Email
    3rd Party Applications & Devices – Our support only covers the normal functioning of email.
    “How can I get my email program to…” and “How do I setup email on my phone” questions are best left to your software / hardware provider.
  • Faulty Web Site
    Your site is reporting a script error / Internal 500 Error – If you have bad programming problem, please consult the person who wrote the script / or software causing that issue.
  • Labour Surrounding Security Breach – While we make the best efforts to secure our webservers and thus your websites & services from all sorts of threats, this security is often let down by humans choosing weak or common passwords. If your website gets hacked, its more often than not, as a result of a poor password choice or old (and thus insecure) software being exploited. We take no responsibility for passwords you choose or software you use that is insecure.
  • Labour Surrounding an Account Restore without a Backup – If you have not backed up your site recently (or before making significant changes) and need to do an account restore, we can often retrieve backups off our web-servers archives – This is a labour-intensive process and is not included within Free support.
  • A Full Hosting Account – We are not adding files and content to your account so it stands to reason that looking after what you host should be your responsibility. We are able to assist with full email account lock-out problems once, but subsequent assistance for full accounts falls outside of normal support and is therefore billable.
  • 3rd Party Web software – We’ve already covered this with Outlook and email devices, but this also includes web software like WordPress – They have a great community full of helpful articles and people.
  • Clearing of SPAM – We didn’t send you spam and are not sure of which emails to delete, please prune messy mailboxes in your spare time, this is not something we can do for you.
Do We Have A Phone Number ?

We do not provide general phone support for a number of reasons:

  • Security is the foremost concern (any one could pose as you and compromise your account security over the phone).
  • Adding dedicated support staff would drive up our costs (bad for everyone), as well as create the all too common problem of (“Your call is important to us. We are experiencing high call volumes, you are #40 in the queue”).
    We loathe poor user-experience and assume you do too.
  • Time to analyse and investigate requests.
    Having someone call and say “My email is not working, why?” is a bit unsettling if they are the 1st person, that day, to do so, as failing email could be explained by 100’s of variables.
    Allowing us time to better understand your issue as well as investigate and/or reproduce the problem from our side is only possible outside of a phone environment.

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